Messein Lovers Feast On A Banquet of Forbidden Fruit at MAD, New York

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THE talented ceramist, Chris Antemann has teamed up with famous porcelain manufacturer, Messein to produce a series of saucy limited editions that instil a little joie de vivre into figurative tradition. Her finely crafted profusions of fruit, flowers and lusty lovers are currently on display in a new show entitled Chris Antemann: Forbidden Fruit at the Museum of Modern Arts in New York (MAD).

The witty installation comprises an array of exquisite sculptural works including the amusing dinner piece, Lust and Gluttony and a spectacular porcelain chandelier decked with delicately crafted birds and lemons. The highlight of the show is Antemann’s intricate five foot centrepiece, Love Temple inspired by Messein’s master craftsman, Johann Joachim Chandler. Shannon R. Stratton, MAD’s curator explains,

“Throughout her career, Antemann has manipulated the purely white and technically challenging material of porcelain to create contemporary interpretations of the pursuits of eighteenth-century elites, such as fine dining and escapades in pleasure gardens.”

Messein, Chris Antemann, sculpture, porcelain
Chris Antemann in collabo­ration with Meissen, Lemon Chandelier (detail), 2014 © Meissen

This fabulous exhibition demonstrates Antemann’s ability to cleverly merge modern-day values with the sensibilities of eighteenth century society when a heightened interest in sexuality activity among the upper classes became apparent. Antemann’s elaborate and feisty narratives convey well how feasts, banquets and fine dining provided opportunities for amorous liaisons.

Messein, Chris Antemann, sculpture, porcelain
Chris Antemann in collabora­tion with Meissen, A Delicate Domain, 2014 © Meissen

by Miranda Charalambous

Chris Antemann: Forbidden Fruit opens from September 22 – February 5, 2017 at the Museum of Arts and Design,
2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019, USA
Tel: 212-299-7777

Front page image: Chris Antemann in collaboration with Meissen, Trifle (detail), 2013 © Meissen





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