Christopher Knowles: In a Word at ICA, University of Pennsylvania

Posted September 8, 2015 at 1:39 pm in Art, News

Christopher Knowles SS2Beescope by Christopher Knowles

THE WATERMILL Center has announced that the show of long-time collaborator Christopher Knowles: In a Word will be opening at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania this month.

Christopher Knowles SS4Work by Christopher Knowles

This will be the most comprehensive exhibition to date of Knowles’ work which crosses many mediums such as text, sound, painting, drawing, sculpture, and performance. Knowles was born in New York in 1959 and is best known as a poet and painter and has been working as an artist since the 1970s.

Christopher Knowles SS3 performancePerformance by Christopher Knowles

His work has received great acclaim and support from figures such as poet John Ashbery, composer Robert Wilson and artist Gavin Brown, but Knowles’ output is broader than one might imagine and encountering it has been described as “an alternative world of language, one that operates according to its own highly structured logic”. He has developed a prolific body of work that explores themes surrounding communication and sign systems with work that is replete with references to contemporary music and events.

Christopher Knowles SS1 large_3_without_framePainting by Christopher Knowles

With maps and clocks regularly occuring throughout his work  as motifs in his drawings and paintings as well as depictions of his family and close friends, his work features typed language playwork, reimagined song lyrics and interlocking blocks of raw colour everyday items are reimagined, while his sculptures are “both precise and direct in construction”. His performances are recognised as giving “physical form to his high use of language”.

by Caroline Simpson

Christopher Knowles: In a Word,  September 16 – December 27, 2015  The Institute of Contemporary Art
118 S 36th St,  Philadelphia, PA 19104

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