Artists Take Over Gucci’s SnapChat to Launch Ace Sneakers #24HourAce

Posted August 3, 2016 at 2:02 pm in Fashion, News

IN artist Winnie Chi’s upside-down heaven, a feisty green cherub wrestles with an angry swarm of bees before a thundercloud delivers her most yearned-for wish, a super-cool pair of Ace Sneakers from Gucci. Fairytale characters and a host of others comprise the many weird and wonderful animated artworks recently commissioned by Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele for the brand’s latest project, #24HourAce.

Marlon Rueberg, Gucci, videoMarlon Rueberg. Photograph: Gucci

Videos inspired by the embellished tennis shoe were uploaded to SnapChat from across the globe over 24 hours, starting in Tokyo and ending in New York. The videos are now part of Gucci’s new Instagram project to promote the international appeal of the snappy sneaker.

Lucia Meseguer, Gucci, videoLucia Meseguer. Photograph: Gucci

Littering their virtual landscapes with Gucci-inspired motifs, artists conjure up a postmodern fantasy of cutsey butterflies, Cheshire cats and collaged body parts. Either by motorbike or skateboard these glam sneakers certainly get around. James Kerr’s personified sneaker is definitely a professional weekender. After a hard day of clowning around, it even finds time to dance with Jesus. Like you do.

Rita Zimmermann, Gucci, videoRita Zimmermann. Photograph: Gucci

by Miranda Charalambous

A selection of videos from #24HourAce can be found on Gucci’s Instagram site.
Front page image: Marlon Rueberg. Photograph: Gucci

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