Finnish Company Kalevala Jewelry Brings Its Collection to the UK

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Kalevala Jewelry SS2Earrings from the Moon Goddess collection

FINNISH company Kalevala Jewelry has just introduced its collection of quality gold, silver and bronze jewellery to the UK. One of the largest and most respected jewellery makers in northern Europe, Kalevala Jewelry was set up in 1937 by a group of Finnish women who wanted to make jewellery for a good cause. The company is still owned by its founders, the Kalevala Women’s Association, a cultural organisation promoting Finnish culture and the brand continues its founders’ aims, working closely with Save the Children Finland, the New Children’s Hospital Association and the Finnish Brain Foundation.

Kalevala Jewelry has two distinct lines – modern Scandinavian and a more classic collection inspired by Finnish history. Common throughout the brand is a strong narrative with each piece of jewellery telling its own  story. The Kalevala collection includes classics from the line alongside new designs, all bearing the distinctive marks of the designers’ skill and originality, Kalevala seeks to appeal both aesthetically and in its ethical production methods.

Kalevala Jewelry SS3The Kosmos set of jewellery

For the Kosmos collection, designer Antonio Mazzamauro was inspired by antiquity and astrology – the belief that celestial bodies, including moons and planets, can affect one’s fate. Circles and spirals, the ancient symbols of perfection and eternity, are deployed in Kosmos range to “reflect the boundless universe around us”.

Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen was the starting point for Kirsti Doukas’ eponymous  collection. Carmen’s personality is portrayed in the elegant feminine jewellery that combines both sensitivity and strength. The lacy structure is an attempt to break away from convention and enhance individuality.

Kalevala Jewelry SS1 copyA bracelet from the Carmen collection

During trade trips to the east, the Vikings stopped off on the Finnish coast to trade weapons and jewellery for furs. Inspired by these Viking influences while adding a distinct Finnish twist, designer Germund Paaerthe created the Moon Goddess collection, which was launched in the 1940s. Her original pieces have been updated by contemporary designers for a modern jewellery enthusiasts.

by Caroline Simpson

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