The Art of Men’s Style: Laings of Glasgow and Wedding Bands

Posted May 14, 2015 at 7:45 pm in Fashion, Heritage, Jewellery, Luxury, News
  • A man’s wedding band by Laings of Glasgow with gold inlay

WHEN it comes to wedding style, very little attention ever falls on the man, particularly his wedding band. Yet, brands like Laings of Glasgow are quietly working to bring innovation, style, and choice to the world of men’s wedding jewellery.

Choosing a man’s wedding band is equally important as choosing that of his bride, yet never gets the same attention. While it perhaps is not as difficult as finding a wedding ring to complement an engagement ring, a man’s ring is still all about personalisation, beauty and detail.

Uniquely, Laings of Glasgow provides a range of options for men online in a range of design, shapes, metal types and colours, including sculpted, brushed, patterned, satin and grooved wedding bands in platinum, palladium and bi-metals.

According to a Laings of Glasgow representative, “men’s wedding rings are no longer measured by the ‘gold standard’. The traditional yellow gold ring is still very popular but it has given way to more selection in colour choice. White gold and rose gold are trendy colours that are becoming increasingly popular but the selection of precious metals available with their varying degrees of durability and weight has seen more men choosing to own hard and durable metals like platinum and palladium for their functional wedding rings. That’s why we stock such a large range. Every man deserves to choose a wedding ring that not only looks good, but also matches his lifestyle.”

Founded over 175 years ago, Laings of Glasgow is a sixth generation, family-run jewellery with a strong sense of quality and craftsmanship. Located in the heart of Glasgow’s retail scene, Laings of Glasgow is well known for its superb attention to quality materials, unique design and timeless style.

by Jessica Quillin

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