Luxury Knitwear Brand Delam Introduces First Collection

Posted September 1, 2016 at 2:03 pm in Fashion, News

RECENT addition to the world of luxury knitwear, Delam stands out of the crowd due to its uniqueness. Founded by Lili Di Michele, the brand focuses on two qualities striving to make them its signature – high quality and timeless design.

Delam Yasi maxi sweaterA Delam Yasi long-sleeved shawl

The brand is ultimately a product of two countries – Italy and ancient Persia – as it combines the finest quality materials sourced from the former with the traditional manufacturing methods of the latter to arrive at its final striking results.

Delam Parvin sweaterA Delam Parvin sweater

Owner and designer of the brand, Di Michele has drawn her inspiration from the conventional Persian textiles – especially tribal rugs called Gabbeh. Their rich texture and vibrant colours have inspired her to explore the ancient hand – dying art of the Persian nomadic women. Her travels to the modern-day Iran have deepened her passion for the unique woven techniques and organic, local production and the idea of Delam, meaning “my heart” in old Persian, was born.

Delam Mitra sweaterDelam Mitra sweater

The brand uses the finest Italian cashmere yarns, which in its basic untreated form travel to Southern Iran to be then hand-dyed by specialist craftsmen. The dyes used to treat yarns are derived form local plants and roots, such as pomegranate skin and walnut husks, and made according to ancient recipes that have been developed and improved over the centuries. This organic process ensures that the resulting colours are entirely natural as well intricately inconsistent lending the materials their signature individuality. In the words of the designers, “Each piece is as unique as the person wearing it.”

Delam Tala sweaterDelam Tala sweater

The pieces take their final shape back in Italy where they are knitted into their elegant and timeless designs. Due to their highest quality and classic patterns Delam knitwear fits perfectly with the recent worldwide trend taking the dressing habits of sophisticated men and women by storm – wardrobing – pieces that withstand constant wear and last for generations.

Delam Roya SweaterDelam Roya sweater

Delam knitwear is available online via their website website as well as in flagship store in west London.

by Magda Pirowska

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