Sportswear Brand Sundried Debuts Sustainable Investment Pieces

Posted September 21, 2017 at 11:41 am in Fashion, News

UK-based company Sundried produces premium ethical activewear. Its range includes t-shirts, leggings and accessories for both men and women. All products are made from recycled materials, including coffee cups and plastic bottles.

Its ethical approach extends throughout the business, with efforts to minimise its carbon footprint in manufacture and distribution processes, and to enhance customer experience. Handmade in Portugal and Italy, they provide free UK delivery and cut worldwide shipping costs by 50 per cent. Each purchase also incorporates a pledge to Water For Kids, a charity organisation that supplies safe drinking water to developing communities in Africa.

Men’s T-shirt made from coffee cups. Courtesy of Sundried

The range is tailored for movement, including temperature control technology, multi-way stretch fabrics and sweat-wicking materials.

Sundried’s founders are athletes and personal trainers, who develop these features from personal experience. The brand is further endorsed by prominent athletes; its popular ambassador programme includes World Ironman Champion Alice Hector and Team GB World Champion Duathlete Claire Steels.

Personal Trainer Sophie Holmes in Sundried clothing. Courtesy of Sundried

Sundried is dedicated to making investment pieces that are sustainable for both their customer, and the planet. With the world consuming 400 per cent more clothing than two decades ago, they seek to take responsibility as producers, and provide consumers with viable products to do the same.

by Rosie Byers

The collection is available on Sundried’s website.

Front Page Image: Personal Trainer Sophie Holmes, Courtesy of Sundried

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