Master Jeweller Glenn Spiro Presents the Papillon Range of Rings

Posted July 30, 2015 at 3:51 pm in Jewellery, Luxury, News

THE LONDON-based master jeweller Glenn Spiro has launched the Papillon limited collection of rings as part of  his G by Glenn Spiro line. The Papillon collection is a range of unique and exquisite butterfly rings – featuring moving wings – made of feather-light titanium and encrusted with gems in various pretty pastel shades.

WEB PINK Glenn Spiro June 1535298One Butterfly Natural Burma Ruby ring mounted in Titanium: 431 brilliant cut Burma rubies
weighting 39.82 cts, 253 brilliant cut white diamonds weighting 2.16 cts

Each ring is ingeniously crafted and technically adept – with the butterfly apparently perched on the finger and fluttering as the wearer opens and closes her hand, or bends her finger, due to a clever mechanism that delicately extends over the knuckle.

The butterfly appears to be attached to the wearer’s finger by its diamond-studded tendrils. However it is a elegant bibelot which can flutter its wings as the wearer wishes.

WEB BLUEGlenn Spiro June 1535302One Butterfly ring made in titanium and white gold and set with: 332 sapphires
weighting 21.13 cts, 334 diamonds weighting 7.77 cts

All pieces are set with collection quality white diamonds and gem quality coloured gemstones. Each ring is a unique expression of the couture jeweller’s ingenious expert technical ability and adeptness with his materials.

WHITE Glenn Spiro June 153530918ct white gold, diamond and titanium Butterfly ring by Glenn Spiro

A gem expert who was an international director and senior specialist for Christie’s and is described a “one of jewelry’s best kept secrets” and “the jeweller’s jeweller”, Glenn Spiro says of his new range, “The butterfly is a classic jewellery motif. But we wanted to make it more interesting, so we came up with a way to animate these bejeweled insects at the command of their owners.”

by Caroline Simpson

The G collection is available exclusively in the Fine Jewellery Room of London’s Harrods

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