Mirabelle Fair-Trade Jewellery Brand Drops New Range of British Charms

Posted March 9, 2017 at 10:51 am in Jewellery, News

FAIR-trade jewellery brand Mirabelle is to launch a new range of British charms, each one manufactured in the UK. The intricate designs include classic teddy bear, horse shoe and key charms as well as a number of recognisable British symbols such as the bulldog.



Bulldog Charm © Mirabelle


mirabelle-teddyTeddy Bear Charm © Mirabelle

Mirabelle was founded by Véronique Henry, the daughter of a Parisian silversmith, whose extensive travels across the world afford her endless creative inspiration, all of which manifests itself in her stunning and original collections.


Bambi Charm © Mirabelle


Carousel Charm © Mirabelle

by Hannah Bergin

The collection will be available at Mirabelle online

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