Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014 ceremony Takes Place this Month

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The Great British Entrepreneur Awards News Post 2013
Last year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards ceremony

SMALL BUSINESSES are the backbone of most communities in the UK and US. Yet, entrepreneurs rarely get the recognition they deserve. Happily, there is a body set out to acknowledge start ups for innovation and creativity.

Launched in 2013, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (GBEA) has quickly established itself as a benchmark for UK entrepreneurship. In February 2013, Simon Burton (Founder) and Nick James (Founder of Fresh Business Thinking – also a GBEA media partner) created the awards, based on scribbles on a napkin in a coffee shop.

The vision of the GBEA Great British Entrepreneur Award is to change the model of traditional business awards, focusing on the story of a company, rather than balance sheet or financial success, as do most traditional business awards. Instead, GBEA focuses on the entrepreneurial story, so that even entrepreneurs in startup stage can be recognized for their achievements and innovation along with more established entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy. They are the innovators, they are the movers and shakers and they are the job creators. It is for this reason we believe they need to be celebrated for their story not solely on their balance sheet. Our inaugural Awards Ceremony last year was remarkable, with Cambridge Satchel Company founder Julie Deane taking the top Award,” says Simon Burton. “We predict 2014 ceremony to be bigger and better, with VIPs from the worlds of business and entrepreneurship gathering to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit in the UK.”

Last year, Heather Gorringe, Founder of Great British Florist, and James Caan received awards, as well as precocious business owner, 10-year-old Henry Patterson, all of whom are incredibly accomplished. Last year, the Awards had over 90 finalists, but in the end Julie Deane from Cambridge Satchel Company received the award as the Great British Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.

This year, the GBEA 2014 takes place on November 20, in Smithfields, London and features entertainment with host Gyles Brandreth and over 130 finalists, including Nish and Sach Kukadia ( founders), Shane Lake (founder of, The British Library, and James Watt (BrewDog). The Awards also attracted major sponsors including NatWest, MINI, Dell, Kaspersky Lab and AXA Business Insurance.

by Jessica Quillin

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