New book Tile Envy Explores the World of Tiles

Posted December 4, 2014 at 6:03 pm in Interiors, News

Il Monile scallops by Sandra Malagoli and ceramicist Adriano Ricchetti
Il Monile scallops by artist Sandra Malagoli and ceramicist Adriano Ricchetti

INTRODUCED and edited by tile maker, curator and self-confessed tile obsessive, Deborah Osburn, the book, Tile Envy, is a fascinating and beautiful exploration of the world of tiles. A total of 60 key personalities are featured in the book, from established names to up-and-coming designers, including Rob Ryan, Timorous Beasties, Dear Human, Ruan Hoffmann, Patricia Urquiola and Raw Edges.

Osburn believes that in the same way wallpaper was rediscovered a decade ago, this ceramic form of floor and wall-covering is now pushing the boundaries of interior design in the same way and, due to the variety of materials, textures, and patterns that they allow, makes  them “fascinating to cutting-edge architects and designers” as well as product designers and illustrators. Osburn believes make them endlessly fascinating to cutting edge architects and designers.

You Bring Light by Rob Ryan, Tile Envy

You Bring Light by British designer Rob Ryan

This beautifully produced 144-page, hard-cover book, capturing the breadth and variety of work, also offers a concise overview of the history of the tile and its future, as well as a helpful list of tile-themed websites, and would be a lovely gift to any interiors or design enthusiast.

by Caroline Simpson

Tile Envy by Deborah Osburn is available now  from Cicada Books and costs £17.95



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