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Paul Kenny Show Opens at Beetles and Huxley Gallery, London

AN EXHIBITION of new and recent camera-less photography by Paul Kenny opens soon at the Beetles and Huxley Gallery, London. The show, entitled Land Sea, displays work from the photographer’s Seaworks and O Hanami series.

Underwaterart, luminescence, opacity, art, photogrpahyPaul Kenny, Blue Mayo Landscape No. 1, 2015. Photograph © Paul Kenny

Kenny delights in the rugged seascapes of the British Isles where he salvages washed up bottles, traces of seaweed, barnacles and shells. Flotsam, jetsam, and weathered detritus are assembled meticulously and then scanned on a small glass plate to unfurl a watery underworld of sandy sea beds, cool shallows and dark caves. Kenny’s O Hanami series, names after the Japanese festival is inspired by the change of season, and the short-lived beauty of cherry blossom as it rides on the wind.

Mystical landscape, art, photography, exhibitions, galleryPaul Kenny, Moon Over A Mayo Beach, 2015. Photograph © Paul Kenny


by Miranda Charalambous

Front page image: Paul Kenny, Precious Sea metal remix 6, 2015. Photograph © Paul Kenny

Land Sea is on from June 22 until July 16, 2016 at Beetles and Huxley Gallery, London