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ESMOD Berlins Holds Open Day for the Public and Prospective Students

THE prominent ESMOD Berlin International Academy of Fashion opens its doors to give the public and potential pupils an opportunity to gain an insight into its unique programmes and projects.

esmod-mood-boardA mood board of an ESMOD student

The day-long event will allow the visitors to familiarise themselves with ESMOD flagship international courses, including distinctive postgraduate Master of Arts Sustainability in Fashion, as well as view alumni’s projects and exhibitions incorporating the collaborations with fashion industry leaders.

esmod-sketchesA mood board of an ESMOD student

Tutors, course advisors as well as enrolled students will be on hand to discuss the details of all available degrees as well as the pioneering Focus – the brand new extra-curricular course programme starting in February.

by Magda Pirowska 

The event is taking place on Saturday February 4 between 10am and 4pm.
Further details can be found here.

ESMOD Berlin Holds 2016 Graduate Show and Awards Event

THE ANNUAL graduation event held by fashion and design university Esmod took place last week at the imposing former industrial hall Loewe Saal with the occasion introducing 52 new designer alumni to the fashion world.

The BA Graduation Show DSRPTN – a bespoke abbreviation for disruption – is a celebration of the emerging talent anticipated to shape the future of the industry. The day traditionally attracts substantial crowds and revolves around two main fashion shows – the afternoon one accessible to all and members of the public and the evening event being an exclusive affair including an award ceremony.

The evening event saw an elite international jury made up of industry professionals assessing top 21 collections of ESMOD graduates. Responsible for granting accolades in three categories the 2016 jury comprised of: Herbert Hofmann, Creative Director and Buyer, VOO Store; Clare Langhammer, Owner and Founder, Fake PR;
 Nicolás Santos, Art Director, Interview Magazine;
 Toby Grimditch, Fashion Director, DANSK Magazine; Iris Krüger, Creative Pattern Cutter, Stella McCartney; Andrei Amado, Designer Women’s Wear, Salvatore Ferragamo; Lilly Heine, Textile development, CÉLINE;
Tomas C Toth, Stylist; 
Marlis Zeitler, ESMOD Paris;
 Felix Chabluk Smith, Designer Women’s Wear, Paris; 
Yvonne Laufer, Designer Women’s Wear, Paris.

The judges have evaluated the main collections rich in colours, unique forms, brilliant prints and innovative silhouettes.

The illustrious Prix Createur for the most outstanding collection was awarded to Gina Laumanns.

Graduate student GINA LAUMANNS presenting her collection in the evening show before the International Jury at the DSRPTN - ESMOD Berlin Bachelor Graduate Shows 2016 at Loewe Saal, on 22nd October 2016 in Berlin - (C) ESMOD Berlin / Michael WittigGina Laumanns. Photograph: ESMOD Berlin/Michael Wittig

The Prix du Jury (Jury Prize) was presented to Anina May.

Graduate student AMINA MAYR presenting her collection in the evening show before the International Jury at the DSRPTN - ESMOD Berlin Bachelor Graduate Shows 2016 at Loewe Saal, on 22nd October 2016 in Berlin - (C) ESMOD Berlin / Michael WittigAmina May. Photograph: ESMOD Berlin/Michael Wittig

Finally the Aigulle D’or (The Golden Needle – a symbol of great achievement) was awarded to Max Rabe.


Graduate student MAX RABE presenting his collection in the evening show before the International Jury at the DSRPTN - ESMOD Berlin Bachelor Graduate Shows 2016 at Loewe Saal, on 22nd October 2016 in Berlin - (C) ESMOD Berlin / Michael WittigMax Rabe. Photograph: ESMOD Berlin/Michael Wittig

by Magda Pirowska

ESMOD Berlin Presents 2016 Graduate Fashion Show

ESMOD Berlin, an International University of Arts and Fashion, presents their 2016 graduate fashion show. Designers and fashion professionals graduating from their prestigious bachelor programme will show their final works during an event this week.

sonjalitichevskaya2-esmod-berlinA look from Sonja Litchevskaya graduate collection

The event will follow through the shows of 31 designers hailing from 16 countries. The attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the industry – relevant topics examined and developed by other graduates of the programme, all revolving around the notions of sustainability and the future of fashion.


From Gina Laumann’s graduate collection. Photo by Alexander Nagi


ada%c2%a8le-pillichody9-esmod-erlinFrom Adele Pillichody graduate collection. Photo by Roland Kunos

by Magda Pirowska

The graduate shows take place on October 22 in Loewe Saal, Berlin.
The show starts at 4pm with the doors opening at 3pm for the audience.

ESMOD Berlin Presents Behind the Seams Show

INTERNATIONAL University of Art for Fashion ESMOD Berlin celebrates the work of Bachelor of Arts Fashion Design Styliste / Modeliste students this summer with the presentation Behind the Seams. The show aims to capture the spirit and evolution of the designers in an open house event, which allows the press and the public to explore fashion design in a multifaceted format.


ABehind The Seams ESMOD Berlin

The programme will include a live fashion film production that captures the showcase of the second year students’ capsule collection. There will also be a three-floor exhibition where viewers can expect to obtain insights behind the design processes and concepts of the collection. Visitors are then invited to participate in screenprint and knit design workshops which can be registered for in advance.

BBehind The Seams ESMOD Berlin

by Rebecca Acres


ESMOD Berlin MA Fashion Graduates Debut their Collections

ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion MA programme Sustainability in Fashion is an unique course which allows students to develop practical as well as analytical skills in sustainable fashion design with the aim of setting up feasible businesses. The course revolves around the notions of partnership and collaboration which are crucial to building a paradigm of interdisciplinary exchange and, therefore, a common platform for communication.

The course at ESMOD promotes holistic design practice in which the creative process focuses on economical, ethical, social and cultural awareness and sustainability while not compromising on beautiful aesthetics.

Lena and Nir - the weddingThe Plant Stories project by Renana Krebs for ESMOD Berlin International
University of Art for Fashion MA programme

ahmed picture 2 The Samrdd project by Hira Ahmed for the ESMOD Fashion MA programme.

The program is based on four main parts – sustainable design strategies, sustainable textiles and production, sustainable marketing and business and design anthropology – with each student being supported by a high-profile business partner.

While studying on the MA,  the students choose their own specific focus which allows them to place their discipline and interest within a broader aspect of study and therefore enrich their own ideas and design practice.

We have selected five designers of the 17 recent graduates from the ESMOD MA course to look at their work a little more deeply.

alice beyer schuchAlice Beyer-Schuch’s Further textile rebirth project for ESMOD

Israeli-born Renana Krebs comes from a family of botanists which has hugely influenced her Plant Stories project which she developed in partnership with Hessnatur, Smartfibre AG, Spinnerei Feldkich, Comazo GMbH. Inspired by  classical ballet and driven by sporty elegance, she designed a 15-piece collection with flowing silhouettes that offer comfort and unrestricted movement while still remaining elegant.

Krebs’s main focus in this project was exploring the interactions between man and nature and the possibility of developing new materials that benefit both the environment and humankind. The result of this was a development of a new yarn combination from the micro-organisms of algae with micro-modal elderweiss and a fabric that releases moisture into the body of the wearer.

Remo Polack looked at sustainable design strategies in his project Remoform developed in partnership with Dutch aWEARness, Lauffenmuhle and Persu at Work. His was interested in garments that were a part of mass production and so he focused on uniforms – a garment which is produced in large quantities and, more often that not, discarded once it is worn out.

Inspired by the Cradle to Cradle circular business-model, Polack worked towards a sustainable standard that sees all uniforms produced from one material which would allow them to be recycled and, hence, adding to them infinite value and saving on the natural resources necessary to produce new garments.

remo pollack Remoform by Remo Polack for ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion MA programme.

Another student pursuing the notion of sustainability in design is Hira Ahmed, whose project Samrdd aims at close collaborations with traditional artisans. Hailing from Pakistan, Ahmed has embarked on a journey reconnecting her with her roots and developing a longing for cultivating the traditional block-printing textiles technique practices by inhabitants of remote areas of Pakistan.

Due to their poverty and the extremely challenging conditions these people live in, this technique is on a verge of extinction. Ahmed works exclusively with the artisans sourcing all of her fabrics from them with the aim of  bringing better income and general life – enhancing investment to the are while practising fair trade and preserving the unique craft of hand-dying of silks and cottons.

ahmed picture
A look from Hira Ahmed’s Samrdd project for the ESMOD Ma Programme

Similar sentiments are reflected in Isabelle Regier’s project Ive – which focuses on a sustainable leather concept. Supported by companies Wet Green, YKK and Trippen, Reiger has designed a collection of organic leather bags that build on local resources, recyclability and ethical business practices. Her aim is to create an entirely transparent production chain from the designer all the way to the user, deploying the notions of responsible production and conscious consumption.

Regier used olive leaves to tan the leather so she could create goods that are fully biodegradable. So the bags fully recyclable as well as responsibly produced. The collection has also been created around the concept of timelessness and therefore aims at maximising the longevity of the items despite fashion trends and seasons.

isabelle reigerA bag in the Ive project by Isabelle Regier for ESMOD Berlin MA programme

Alice Beyer Schuch explored the possibilities of sustainable textiles and production in her project Further – textile rebirth catalyst. Tasked with establishing a comprehensive business, Schuch worked on creating a new type of textile but also devising a promotional campaign to present the idea to the public and to attempt to instigate wide-reaching change in thinking by the public.

The fabric she worked on is based on a technology which recycles old textiles. The final of this is a 100 per cent cellulosic material which is completely recyclable. The general idea is to create an event that bring brands and designers together so that they can work together eventually producing the end product to the customer.

Sustainability in Fashion MA at ESMOD is a unique course that tackles issues of paramount importance to the modernday world – resource renewability, waste, mindless consumption. It furthermore challenges the notion that responsible and organic fashion comes second style-wise to high-end luxurious design.

Thanks to the comprehensive selection of course units that complement each other the course aims to effectively educate a new generation of designers and business professionals who may be instrumental in a chance of turning around the industry.

by Magda Pirowska

For more details about the course, please visit here:

ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion MA programme Sustainability in Fashion 

ESMOD is on facebook and twitter

Winners Decided at ESMOD INDEPENDENCE BA Show

The ESMOD Berlin BA Graduation Show INDEPENDENCE took place last weekend in Berlin which was attended by over 500 members of the fashion industry. The 25 top collections from the course at ESMOD debuted the designers into the world of fashion.

Here are some of the most accomplished and self-assured work on show which feature an range of intense colour, form, print and silhouettes.

... Show 2 - Internationale Jury ...A look from 70 Years Later by Francisco Rojas @ INDEPENDENCE: ESMOD
Berlin BA Graduation Show 2015

... Show 2 - Internationale Jury ...From Still in the Stream by Dariga Zhetpissova @ INDEPENDENCE:
ESMOD Berlin BA Graduation Show 2015

Every year ESMOD Berlin gathers an international jury of fashion experts to critique the collections. They jury are also responsible for awarding several prizes for the students.

... Show 2 - Internationale Jury ...From Constructed by Tina Högerl @ @ INDEPENDENCE: ESMOD
Berlin BA Graduation Show 2015

... Show 2 - Internationale Jury ...Plattentracht by Vera Thallinger @ INDEPENDENCE: ESMOD
Berlin BA Graduation Show 2015

International Jury this year were Damir Doma, CEO Damir Doma, France Susanne Stangl, Modeliste, Mulberry, United Kingdom; Catherine Le Goff, Editor, ARTE Culture, France; Stefan Siegel, Founder, Not Just A Label; Ulrike Möslinger, International Marketing Director, Galeries Lafayette, France; Christine Walter-Bonini, ESMOD International Group, France; and Damir Doma who awarded the  Prix Createur for the most outstanding collection to Anna Swic.

... Show 2 - Internationale Jury ...
From the Collection Pilgrim by Anna Swic the winner of Prix Createur
@ INDEPENDENCE: ESMOD Berlin B.A. Graduation Show 2015

... Show 2 - Internationale Jury ...From Melting Pot by Jessica Aponte @ INDEPENDENCE: ESMOD Berlin BA Graduation Show 2015

The Prix du Jury (Jury Prize) went to Birute Mazeikaite and the Aigulle D’or was awarded jointly to Michael Vos and Alisa Menkhaus. The prize for the Best Pattern Making went to Birute Mazeikaite and the Best Fabric Manipulation to Florina Marxer.

by Caroline Simpson

All photography by Michael Wittig, 2015

Watch Online: ESMOD Fashion Graduate Shows to be Livestreamed


Surreal Times by Florian Luther

THE ESMOD Berlin fashion Graduation Show can now be watched as it takes place live anywhere in the world as it will be broadcast online via the independent international designer platform Not Just A Label (NJAL).

SS5 Melting Pot by Jessica Aponte

 Melting Pot by Jessica Aponte


Still in the Stream by  Dariga Zhetpissova

In order to watch the show, viewers have to sign up for the NJAL newsletter, and after doing so will receive the announcement direct to their inbox. The show will be available on NJAL for 24 hours after the live show, if the live broadcast is missed.

SS1 Plattentracht

 Plattentracht by Vera Sofie Thallinger


Save Your Space by Athit Witayaphaet

After the Graduation Show, the graduates collections will be on display for the general public and fashion professionals to view at open showrooms in Berlin.

by Caroline Simpson

The graduation show INDEPENDENCE: ESMOD Berlin BA Graduate Show 2015 and livestream on Not Just A Label will take place at 9pm on July 4, 2015. Sign up for the livestream here

The graduate collections of Esmod Fashion BA can be seen at  the Open Showrooms and Open Day, July 6–7, 2015 from 12pm to 5pm at ESMOD Berlin, Görlitzerstr. 51, 10997 Berlin