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Jaeger Launches AW 2016 Campaign Featuring Sam Rollinson

BRITISH fashion brand Jaeger announces its new Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign launch, featuring British supermodel Sam Rollinson and shot by fashion photographer Boo George. The campaign takes an innovative, bold and contemporary approach which draws upon the brand’s founding principal.

Jaeger AW 2016 Campaign Featuring Sam Rollinson, Credit: Boo GeorgeJaeger AW 2016 campaign featuring Sam Rollinson. Photograph: Boo George

Bold, versatile and effortless, the collection is designed with a multi-faceted lifestyle in mind. The pieces reflect that of a contemporary urban explorer, resulting in an aesthetic that is fresh and authentic.

Jaeger AW 2016 Campaign Featuring Sam Rollinson, Credit: Boo George
Jaeger AW 2016 campaign featuring Sam Rollinson. Photograph: Boo George

Fronting the campaign is British model Sam Rollinson who embodies Jaeger’s new vision with her down-to-earth, level-headed  approach, giving her the engagement factor that is fundamental to the brand’s new campaign.

Jaeger AW 2016 Campaign Featuring Sam Rollinson, Credit: Boo GeorgeJaeger AW 2016 campaign featuring Sam Rollinson. Photograph: Boo George

Shooting Rollinson is revered New York-based fashion photographer Boo George who possesses the ability to translate high fashion campaigns in an approachable and accessible way.

The campaign launches alongside the collection in August.

by Rebecca Acres

Versace Dreams the Vibes of Chicago – Film by Bruce Weber

VERSACE launch their FW16 collection with Chicago Is My beat, a grainy black-and-white film shot by Bruce Weber starring supermodels, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. The collaboration rekindles a time-honoured relationship between the flamboyant fashion brand and Weber, a fashion photographer renowned for his unrivaled productions both for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Chicago Is My BeatVersace FW16 – Chicago Is My Beat. Film © Bruce Weber

The short film places fashion at the heart of the community, uniting empowered glamour with the spirited pulse of the metropolis where energetic routines embrace Versace’s vison with ease. Rock-chic and freestyle dancing give way to svelte gowns and languid looks as the hubbub proceeds into the night. Keith Milkie’s arresting operatic soundtrack drifts to the tune of Chicago’s past while Versace re-imagines the future.

Bruce Weber says, “The actor Robert Mitchum once told me, ‘When you first get to a new town, always make friends with a Blonde’. Well, when I got to Chicago, I found my blonde in you, Donatella. I wanted us to visit this city together because of its rich history and the spirit of love and harmony you feel in its music.

“Chicago is going through a tough time at the moment and could use a little encouragement – just like we all need every once in a while. Because the kindness of its people helped me to make these photographs, I feel like I can now call Chicago ‘my beat’.”

“Bruce Weber is the true master of our times. His photography is deeply personal and rich, a reflection of the world as he sees it. It has been my pleasure to enter once again into that world for this Versace campaign. With this new campaign, Bruce gave me my history back,” adds Donatella Versace.


by Miranda Charalambous

Versace FW2016 – Chicago Is My Beat. Film © Bruce Weber

Jerome Dreyfuss Launches Advertising Campaign by Jean-Paul Goude

EPONYMOUS French leather goods label Jérôme Dreyfuss have launched their new ballet inspired advertising campaign for their latest collection.

The Dreyfuss house appointed Jean-Paul Goude – the legendary graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and advertising film director known for his groundbreaking series images of Grace Jones, to create an engaging campaign in his distinctive style.

AD Maurice bag campaignAurélie Dupont with Jérôme Dreyfuss Maurice bag

Goude worked with his muse Aurélie Dupont – the prima ballerina and étoile of Paris Opera Ballet School – on series of images that convey passion, beauty and sensuality. Dupont is depicted with three key pieces from the collection – shoulder bag Bobi, elegant tote Maurice and oversized sporty – like Goude.


AD Jean Paul bagAurélie Dupont with Jérôme Dreyfuss Jean-Paul bag

A trained dancer himself, Goude is known for his fascination with the human body and its interaction with external factors and this campaign also rests on that extrapolation. Aurelie Dupont is seen clutching the bags in a close, skin to skin contact in a fetishistic-like way. These scenes are serving as an allegory of love and the passion realised in the tangible synthesis of the dancer and the bag that heightens the sense of longing.

Both Dreyfuss and Goude are inspired by the strong females and create with the image of those exceptional personas in mind. That combined with the unparalleled beauty and poise of Aurelie Dupont makes for a captivating campaign.

by Magda Pirowska

Coventry Cathedral Exhibits Work by Magnum Photographer Peter Marlow

Peter Marlow, a prominent British news photographer and a member of the highly respected photography cooperative Magnum Photos, has photographed all 42 cathedrals of the Church of England over the course of four years.

Carlisle Cathedral © Peter Marlow / Magnum Photos

The photographs will be showcased inside The Chapel of Christ the Servant at Coventry Cathedral – a space dedicated to displaying works by contemporary British artists.


Durham Cathedral © Peter Marlow / Magnum Photos

Originally commissioned by the  Royal Mail to photograph six cathedrals to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the completion of St Paul’s Cathedral, Marlow became inspired by the unique aesthetics of the sacred buildings he was visiting.


Canterbury Cathedral © Peter Marlow / Magnum Photos

After capturing the cathedrals of Lichfield, Belfast, Gloucester, St David’s, Westminster, and St Magnus in Orkney, a project which resulted in a series of stamps and a miniature sheet, he continued his work photographing sanctuaries. In the course of his endeavour Marlow employed a technique which allowed him to uniquely present each of the cathedrals from a uniform point of view.

Marlow explained, “I began by photographing the aesthetic highlights of each building, but the images seemed to merge with one another. In order to differentiate each place I needed to find a more rigorous and systematic approach, so I adopted the simple strategy of photographing the naves looking along the central axis.”


Liverpool Cathedral © Peter Marlow / Magnum Photos

Taken from the fixed position and at the dawn, all the photographs show the perspective of natural light breaking through the main window and therefore allow the lighting to bring out the immensely impressive features of the buildings in their raw state.

Commenting on the exhibition, The Very Revd John Witcombe MA MPhil, Dean of Coventry, said, “The photographs are an incredible record of the very particular space that cathedrals offer, as places for reflection and inspiration, through both their art and architecture, as well as their religious significance. (…) It will make a lasting impression on those who visit, and encourage them to make their own pilgrimage to other cathedrals in the country.”

by Magda Pirowska

The English cathedral by Peter Marlow will be on display  from April 29 – September 5, 2016
The exhibition is supported and made possible by a Grant for the Arts funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.