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Longstaff Longstaff Presents Loungewear for Valentine’s Day

LUXURY brand Longstaff Longstaff offers a range of silk loungewear for Valentine’s Day. The collection includes silk robes, tunics, pyjamas and camisoles which are available in four different styles with each one first being designed on paper before being digitally prepared for printing on silk.


collage-2From left to right: Meadow pyjama blouse and shorts; Circles Pyjama blouse and trousers;
Lotus robe and Indigo trousers

Inspiration for the collection comes from founder Sophie Barnard’s Russian background. These roots, inherited through her mother, led her to develop a passion for fresh vibrant colours and decorative patterns such as those used by Russian illustrator Ivan Bilibin and the costume designs of Leon Bakst. Also as a child Sophie loved dressing up and her dressing-up box was full of bearskin hats, sarafans and a beautiful kokoshnik, a traditional Russian head-dress, which also inform and influence her designs.

collageFrom left to right: Peppermint trousers, Lotus robe, Silver shorts


The brand, named after Sophie’s paternal grandmother, who was one of seven sisters all with the middle and surname Longstaff, is designed, sourced and manufactured in Britain. Sophie has always been captivated and inspired by the stories of elegant parties, wild adventures and handsome suitors from her grandmother and pays homage to the British eccentricity from her father’s heritage through her designs.

by Alice Fiancet

The Longstaff Longstaff collection can be found here.

Freya Rose’s Reiki Couture Bridal Shoe Available Now


Freya Rose’s Reiki Couture bridal shoe, couture mother of pearl heel, embroidered flowersFreya Rose’s Reiki Couture bridal shoe

BRITISH HIGH-END shoe company Freya Rose’s latest couture bridal shoe Reiki is available now. The brand specialises in bridal shoes in duchess ivory silk with bespoke embellishments and Rieki, included in the Freya Rose Couture Hanami collection, is an exclusive slingback with each shoe is embellished with over 800 real pearls and small, handmade silk flowers taking 33 hours to make – 20 hours to make the Mother of Pearl heel, five hours to make the silk flowers and a further eight hours to embellish 800 pearls and crystals on the shoe.

The flowers featured on this design, are handmade by award-winning embroidery artist Jo Butcher who inspired by the beauty of the English countryside and carefully hand crafts each flower delicately by hand.

An artist in her own right, the flowers Jo make for the Reiki help to create what is, apart from being a shoe, also a multi-dimensional piece of artwork. Reiki is finished off by the signature Freya Rose mother-of-pearl heel.

Freya Rose’s Reiki Couture bridal shoe, couture mother of pearl heel, embroidered flowersIt takes 20 hours to make Reiki’s Mother of Pearl heel

Designer Freya Rose says, “I love the romanticism that Reiki signifies. Now available in Browns Bride, it is truly exquisite and a jewel of a shoe. Its so important to us that we are using Jo Butcher – a British awardwinning embroirer, to create the flowers for Reiki – it adds a wonderfully special element to the shoe, and makes the story of Reiki truly unique.”

“Freya’s shoes are handmade by craftsmen who have learnt their trade through generations, made in the finest materials from Italy. The intricate detailing of these beautiful shoes truly makes for a luxurious and unique collection,” she continues.

Freya Rose’s Reiki Couture bridal shoe, couture mother of pearl heel, embroidered flowersThe shoes are hand-embroidered in the Freya Rose London studio

Freya Rose was set up by its eponymous owner and designer who graduated with a first class honours degree from the London College of Fashion in 2003, she gained experience with high street stores and designers, including Gina, before designing her own creations. She has many awards for her luxury shoe designs including first place in the Tahitian pearl awards 2008. The company is based in Islington, north London.

by Caroline Simpson

Reiki retails at £1,075.00 for more information please visit the Freya Rose website here