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Philippe Pfeiffer Opens his Goldsmith Atelier In Spitalfields, London

THE Swiss goldsmith, Philippe Pfeiffer, who relocated his flourishing atelier from Zurich to trendy Spitalfields in London’s East End last year, has launched a new summer collection. Tucked away on a discreet corner of Artillery Lane, his new premises occupy an historic site where the artisans of the 18th century silk-weaving industry once resided. Pfeiffer is a bespoke jewellery designer of extraordinary talent who combines precious stones with untraditional materials to create dramatic one-off pieces and stunning collections.

Pfeiffer’s work, which is hand-crafted at his workshop on the same premises, attracts a predominantly German clientele but his designs also appeal to the French who are drawn to his distinctly bold and modish pieces. Pfeiffer also reinterprets vintage jewellery into sophisticated contemporary pieces but, as he explains,

“I want to be a witness of our time, and as much as I like antique and Victorian jewellery, I don’t want to copy it.”

Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery, Spitalfields, LondonFrom the Sea, Summer Collection 2017. Courtesy of Golden Squared Consulting and Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery

At street level, spectacular displays twinkle seductively from the cabinets but the origin of their intriguing journey begins downstairs. From every corner, surface and drawer of Pfeiffer’s workshop, a myriad of peculiarities abound. It is here that sharks’ teeth, fossilised dinosaur bones, trilobites, coral and other barnacled relics fuel the more experimental side of his work.

Fascinated by textures, the designer gleans much of his inspiration from nature, chance finds in French flea markets or on his travels to Africa and Brazil. His fabulous tarnished silver necklace of grey Fijian pearls clearly shows an intrigue in effects of corrosion too. Pfeiffer produces sketches for his commissioned designs but considers that prototypes are more useful to clients, “The nicest is being able to put something physical on your finger and you feel it and it is going to be exactly that,” he says.

Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery, Spitalfields, LondonRing in white gold with South Sea pearl, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and tsavorites.
From the Sea, Summer Collection 2017. Courtesy of Golden Squared Consulting and Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery

He firmly believes that a big personality is not prerequisite for wearing his  more flamboyant rings which he describes waggishly as “chunky”.  His wedding rings for men are also striking and equally substantial. Trimmed with brilliant cut diamonds, they are made with Aluflex, the very stuff of Ferraris and racing boats.

Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery, Spitalfields, LondonRing in white gold with lemon chrysoprase and moonstone.
From the Sea, Summer Collection 2017. Courtesy of Golden Squared Consulting and Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery

According to Pfeiffer, heirlooms are no longer popular as women simply do not want to wear their mothers’ jewellery. He explains that in the age of mass-production, preferences have changed and occasionally he is asked to copy costume jewellery, “People go, I’ve got this beautiful piece and it’s not real. I’d like it in the real thing, how much is that going to cost?”

A visit to this wonderful atelier will reveal all.

Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery, Spitalfields, LondonFrom the Sea, Summer Collection 2017. Courtesy of Golden Squared Consulting and Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery

by Miranda Charalambous

From the Sea, Summer Collection 2017 which is available from Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery, 52 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS

Tel: +44 (0) 207 377 9722
Mobile: +44 (0) 734 155 6937


Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery is open during weekdays from 11am to 7pm, and at weekends by appointment.

Front page image: Philippe Pfeiffer outside his atelier in Spitalfields, London. Courtesy of Golden Squared Consulting and Philippe Pfeiffer Jewellery


Essential Style: Interview with David Altow and Marco Tomasi of Strellson


Strellson SS3A Strellson look from their AW15 collection

SWISS brand Strellson has made a name for itself over the past 30 years for its elegant menswear. Founded in 1984, Strellson was created by former Hugo Boss owners Uwe and Jochen Holy. They had a vision to design stylish, structural menswear that was classic yet fashion forward. As the brand enters its fourth decade, it is undergoing healthy and interesting growth. In 2016, the brand plans to deepen its presence in the United States, including being newly stocked at Saks 5th Avenue at Tysons Galleria in Washington, DC.

We caught up with David Altow, Strellson’s Fashion Director, and Marco Tomasi, the Strellson Creative Director, during the opening event for this new location to get more insight into their creative inspiration.

Strellson SS4David Altow, Strellson’s Fashion Director

David Altow

What defines the Strellson brand? What sets a Strellson consumer apart from others?
Clarity. If we had to sum it all up in one word, it would be that one. From the cut of our suits, the air in Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance up to the way we work. Clarity is what we strive for, what we exemplify, in things both simple and complex. It is difficult to achieve, but it is no coincidence. It comes from values. From work. From attitude. We are Strellson. We come from Switzerland. We create fashion for men who go their own way.

The Strellson consumer is not so different from others. He insists on high quality garments that speak to his lifestyle. Clothes that he can “live” in whether formal or casual.

The world of menswear has evolved a lot – quite positively – over the past few years. What is your take on the current state of men’s fashion around the world? What further work is there still to do from an industry perspective?
Men’s fashion has attained a level of sophistication and functionality not seen in many years. Men, both young and old, are far more informed about fashion now compared to the past. Globally, men’s fashion designers and manufacturers are able to anticipate, assess and address the trends in their markets and, equally as important, the trends in foreign markets as well.

With the importance of ecommerce and social media I believe the industry as a whole needs to continue finding new, relevant ways to reach the consumer. Advertisements, now more than ever, must get the brand message across to the consumer clearly so the consumer immediately knows what the brand stands for and why it is right for that consumer’s lifestyle.

Strellson SS1A Strellson look from their AW15 collection

Washington, DC is very excited to have Strellson now so close. What is it about the DC market and the male shopper that works for the Strellson brand?
I had the pleasure of meeting many shoppers at the Saks Fifth Avenue Tyson’s II location in McLean, VA and each had different needs and wants when it comes to fashion. I consider them to be a good cross section of our target demographic in the DC, MD and VA market. Whether they are looking for casual apparel or want to step up their tailored wardrobe, Strellson was able to address their needs. Yes, the DC male shopper and market work for Strellson but, more importantly, Strellson works for them!

Who/what are your favorite designers or brands?
I admire many designers in different areas of fashion. I admire the way they create their signature looks and how innovation and continuity are so important to the DNA of their brands.

On a personal level, from whom do you take inspiration?
I have been fortunate to know and work with some very talented and inspirational people. Professionally, I am inspired by our Creative Director, Marco Tomasi. He has a very logical and meaningful way of designing and presenting fashion. Personally, I take inspiration from my family. How my children handle the challenges and triumphs of everyday life is enough to inspire anyone!

Strellson SS2Marco Tomasi, Strellson Creative Director,

Marco Tomasi

How you keep innovating the Strellson aesthetic? Is it a challenge to keep designs modern and a little edgy while still allowing for the functionality required from a man’s wardrobe?
Every season we start by focusing on the core of the Strellson brand and by putting it under close scrutiny. To us, continuity means evolution and innovation. It’s our duty to devote ourselves to the design and development of the future. To evoke a man’s need, he didn’t know he had in the first place.

This can be a balancing act, but our history has shown that many of those ideas, considered to be “over the edge”, are now an essential component of the Strellson collection.

What is the main vision behind the Strellson AW15 collection?
The Strellson collection for AW2015 is dedicated to the topic “Conjunction“. It stands for fashion being a unifying element in many areas of social development, and on the other hand, social development being an influential factor in fashion as well.

by Jessica Quillin

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