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New Book from Donatella Versace: An Intimate Visual History of Brand

LONG has Versace been one of the world’s most celebrated and highly coveted fashion houses, contributing in turn to the exceptional reputation of the Italian sartorial industry.

Versace by Donatella Versace with Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi Versace © Versace

Donatella Versace – the legendary artistic director of the company, who took over the family run business following the murder of her brother in 1997 – this month releases a stunning and rather poignant visual book celebrating the history of the brand. Written by Donatella herself alongside Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi, the tome features a collection of essays written by some of the industry’s most authoritative characters, alongside 250 photographs from the likes of Mario Testino and Steven Meisel.

The photographs depict intimate moments inside ateliers and behind the scenes of runway shows, highlighting the brand’s backstage community, whilst press archives of Hollywood starlets showcasing Versace couture on the red carpet and shoots in which the likes of Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington model the label’s collections showcase the brand’s glamour and prestige.

By Hannah Bergin

Versace by Donatella Versace with Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi, with contributions by Tim Blanks, Ingrid Sischy and others is published by Rizzoli International Publications and is currently available across Europe, priced at £65. It will be released in the US on November 1, priced at $95

Versace Dreams the Vibes of Chicago – Film by Bruce Weber

VERSACE launch their FW16 collection with Chicago Is My beat, a grainy black-and-white film shot by Bruce Weber starring supermodels, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. The collaboration rekindles a time-honoured relationship between the flamboyant fashion brand and Weber, a fashion photographer renowned for his unrivaled productions both for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

Chicago Is My BeatVersace FW16 – Chicago Is My Beat. Film © Bruce Weber

The short film places fashion at the heart of the community, uniting empowered glamour with the spirited pulse of the metropolis where energetic routines embrace Versace’s vison with ease. Rock-chic and freestyle dancing give way to svelte gowns and languid looks as the hubbub proceeds into the night. Keith Milkie’s arresting operatic soundtrack drifts to the tune of Chicago’s past while Versace re-imagines the future.

Bruce Weber says, “The actor Robert Mitchum once told me, ‘When you first get to a new town, always make friends with a Blonde’. Well, when I got to Chicago, I found my blonde in you, Donatella. I wanted us to visit this city together because of its rich history and the spirit of love and harmony you feel in its music.

“Chicago is going through a tough time at the moment and could use a little encouragement – just like we all need every once in a while. Because the kindness of its people helped me to make these photographs, I feel like I can now call Chicago ‘my beat’.”

“Bruce Weber is the true master of our times. His photography is deeply personal and rich, a reflection of the world as he sees it. It has been my pleasure to enter once again into that world for this Versace campaign. With this new campaign, Bruce gave me my history back,” adds Donatella Versace.


by Miranda Charalambous

Versace FW2016 – Chicago Is My Beat. Film © Bruce Weber

Creative Leaders: Mariam and Dania Sawedeg of Kamushki

ESTABLISHED little over a year ago by Libyan sisters Mariam and Dania Sawedeg, their fine jewellery brand Kamushki, (meaning “precious stones” in Russian) has launched their first collection Wishbone to great acclaim.

Born in Libya and raised in Switzerland and Dubai, the Sawedeg sisters’ jewellery debut reflects their international background. Made of 18-carat gold, diamonds, sapphires and rubies, the Wishbone collection includes pendants, cuffs, earrings and rings and features the central motif of, yes you guessed it, a wishbone which according to Libyan tradition confers good luck and protection against harm and negative energy to the wearer.

This collection features a modern quirky and imaginative take on designs on traditional Libyan imagery Wishbone is designed for the “contemporary, chic, courageous”woman and are already is stocked by the high-end British fashion retailer and e-commerce innovators, Browns.

The Purpose of It interviewed Mariam and Dania recently to find out more about their background, their influences, what inspires them and future plans.

Model shotA model wearing Kamushki necklaces, ring and ear cuffs

You both spent a lot of time traveling with your mother as children. Where did you go and how did these experiences shape your designs and approach to fashion?
We have been very fortunate to visit many cities around the world during our childhood. Some of the places we have been to include Greece, Italy, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Egypt and Morocco.

We enjoy travelling to different countries, meeting people from different cultures and being inspired by them. Hearing their stories and their unique traditions. The whole idea behind the Wishbone collection came from our love of different cultures.

Culture is the core of Kamushki.We are true cultural hybrids, taking influence from a diverse range of continents and cultures and relating to each in a small way by seeing the best out of all of them. Travel has taught us to broaden our mind and this has helped us shape Kamushki.

Untitled design-10Kamushki Kamushki, 18k Rose Gold Ear Cuff

How does your Libyan heritage impact your designs? For instance, what is the significance of the fishbone that appears throughout your jewellery work?
Our Libyan heritage has had a big impact on our designs. Our debut collection centres around the fishbone which we have called the Wishbone collection because it’s lucky! The fish is a very important cultural symbol in Libya which is used in a lot of traditional jewellery.

It is believed that the fish disrupts bad energy and the evil eye and also symbolizes freedom, good-luck and happiness. We have modernised the traditional Libyan fish by turning it into a fishbone so that the symbolism is presented in a fresh, fun, new way.

In turn, how would you describe your design aesthetic? Who is your ideal consumer?
We like to create fun, easy to wear jewellery pieces. Our customer is young, confident, fun-loving and playful.

Kamushki, 18k Yellow Gold Diamond bracelet, £1305, Browns-1Kamushki, 18k Yellow Gold Diamond bracelet, £1305, Browns-1

Your wrap-around rings are beautiful and very unusual. What inspired these designs?
When we wear jewellery, we like to stack them up so we created knuckle rings that can be worn on every finger. The fish is a symbol of protection in Libya so we were inspired by our heritage but also we just wanted to make pieces that are fun and wearable for every occasion. We love the idea that you can wear fine jewellery during the day and it doesn’t have to be something you can only wear for a special occasion.

FISH BONE KNUCKLE RING / Yellow 18 Carat Gold, Sapphire RingKamushki 18k Gold Knuckle Ring £635 Browns

Accessories live a bit of a quiet life behind the main thrust of the fashion world. What are the benefits and challenges of working in the jewellery arena?
Some of the challenges we face is building awareness of our brand and gaining loyal a following. However, the great thing about jewellery is that it never looses its value. It will always be something that people will buy. Jewellery is timeless.

What, if anything, do you think is missing from the world of fashion and/or accessories?
It’s hard to say that something is missing from the world of fashion and jewellery as there is so much out there. It’s just a matter of finding it! We would like to see more jewellery design that has a story behind it.

Untitled design-8

Kamushki, 70s necklace

Who are your favorite designers?
Some of our favourite designers include Fausto Puglisi, Versace, Saint Laurent and Helmut Lang.

On a personal level, from whom do you take inspiration?
Our mother inspires us. As far back as we can remember our mother always had a great love for beautiful jewellery; she has the most incredible vintage jewellery from her travels around the world. It was our mother’s influence that sparked our desire to start a jewellery line.

by Jessica Quillin