Eco-Friendly Label Thoreau Launches Debut Collection

Posted November 4, 2016 at 2:07 pm in Fashion, Features

WITH authenticity, integrity and ethical consciousness at its heart, UK-based brand Thoreau has recently launched its inaugural AW16 collection. Every piece in the collection is both environmentally and animal friendly – and these values  in no way detract from the exceptional quality, elegance and style of the range.

Dandy Top from Thoreau

Each garment is manufactured in Britain, using only reclaimed fabrics, or those produced using water-based recycling systems – leftovers of which are donated to charity. Any animal fibres – such as wool or silk – are ethically sourced and therefore guaranteed to be 100 per cent cruelty free. Natural dyes prevent pollution and what’s more the company tracks emissions caused by manufacturing and shipping, with the intention of eliminating them all together and thus offsetting their carbon footprint.

Javan Dress from Thoreau AW16 collection

Operating in an industry responsible for approximately 10 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, Thoreau’s founders, Hannah Little (who has worked in fashion for over 10 years), and her partner Owen, are hoping to initiate a significant change in the way that the industry functions, inspiring suppliers to re-evaluate their production processes, taking into consideration the planet’s most urgent needs.

Frenchie Bed Jacket by Thoreau

Likewise do they urge consumers to reconsider the way the shop; quality, and thus longevity and durability, are of the upmost importance to Thoreau’s designs. The collection is composed of versatile, staple pieces intended to form the basis of a capsule wardrobe, the idea being that each garment may be worn and re-worn, for seasons and indeed years to come. The aesthetic is therefore classic, a subtle 70s vibe imbued throughout, evident in light, breezy blouses and floral prints.

Coco Blouse by Thoreau

Hannah says, “We believe that personal style does not have to come at the expense of the conscience and that there is a general shift underway in the way people are shopping. We believe that this shift towards a new kind of consumerism means that people are demanding a more authentic, transparent experience from their purchases.”

Thoreau’s designers Hannah Little and Owen Weatherley

She continues, “We like to think of ourselves as the opposite of disposable, fast fashion. We are thinking about every stage of the process and seeking out solutions that minimise our impact on the world – we’re striving to strike a balance between the styling choices of the individual woman and our collective responsibility.”


by Hannah Bergin

Thoreau is exclusively available online. The brand offers free shipping across the UK

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