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    Dark – Frances Aviva Blane opens new show at de Queeste Art gallery

    DARK is the title of British artist Frances Aviva Blane’s new show at de Queeste Art gallery in Belgium, although the work at first sight …

    Handbags with a Conscience – Introducing Spanish brand Lautem

    FOUNDED in Spain, Lautem is an exceptional leather goods brand that promotes an unique blend of luxury, conscious production with timeless …

    Paul Nash, Tate Gallery, art, painting
    Paul Nash Retrospective Opens At Tate Britain, London

    A RETROSPECTIVE of the work of the work of Paul Nash, one of the greatest war artists and landscape painters of the twentieth century …

    Eco-Friendly Label Thoreau Launches Debut Collection

    WITH authenticity, integrity and ethical consciousness at its heart, UK-based brand Thoreau has recently launched its inaugural AW16 …

    Husband and Wife Design-Duo Longshaw Ward Found Brand

    LONGSHAW Ward is the eclectic, vibrant and thoroughly modern new womenswear and accessories label founded by husband-and-…

    ESMOD Berlin MA Fashion Graduates Debut their Collections

    ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion MA programme Sustainability in Fashion is an unique course which allows …

    Creative Leaders: Mariam and Dania Sawedeg of Kamushki

    ESTABLISHED little over a year ago by Libyan sisters Mariam and Dania Sawedeg, their fine jewellery brand Kamushki, (meaning …

    Essential Style: Interview with David Altow and Marco Tomasi of Strellson

    SWISS brand Strellson has made a name for itself over the past 30 years for its elegant menswear. Founded in 1984, …

    Patrick Chalhoub, Joint CEO of Chalhoub Group
    Creative Leaders: Patrick Chalhoub, Joint CEO of the Chalhoub Group

    FROM a business standpoint, one of the interesting things about the luxury market is the way in which it appeals in similar yet different …

    Creative Leaders: an Interview with Lewis R Waters of Fashion Scout

    OVER the past five years, Fashion Scout has developed as one of the world’s pre-eminent support organisations for emerging designers …

    Andrea Newman, the HSBC Global Head of Advertising & Marketing Communications, Andrea Newman HSBC, HSBC London
    Creative Leaders: an Interview with HSBC’s Andrea Newman

    IN THE competitive world of financial services, it can be hard for firms to create a defined brand and marketing strategy that make a real impact …

    La Perla Debuts Atelier Collection

    LINGERIE brands often have a hard time breaking into the ready-to-wear market. Something about the inherently risqué nature of lingerie makes this type of design …

    Creative Leaders: an Interview with Bec Astley Clarke MBE

    E-COMMERCE is a tricky, but ever-expanding market, one in which it can be difficult for boutique luxury brands to gain ground

    Creative Leaders: an Interview with Samantha-Jane Agbontaen of Fabryan

    FASHION is no easy road, particularly for emerging designers. Yet, with a distinct point of view and quality craftsmanship, there is perhaps a more natural path

    Innovation and Tradition: an Interview with Chris Brown of James Cropper

    PAPER remains a fundamental part of our lives, even though the digital age has long predicted its death. At the centre of the paper industry […]

    Creative leaders: a Conversation with Designer Kate Pankoke

    IN THE world of fashion where trends seem to change by the minute, the key to success is knowing your point of view and owning […]

    A Noble Rose: Acqua di Parma Launch Rosa Nobile

    FOR NEARLY a century, luxury perfumier Acqua di Parma has been known for its recognisable scent and signature bottles, particularly its classic men’s colonia …

    What Makes Fashion Speak?

    THE FRENCH post-modernist philosopher Baudrillard once wrote, “Fashion has the fabulous character of the more beautiful than …

    The Art of Luxury Part One: La Perla

    IN THE world of fashion, nothing arguably can speak of luxury more than lingerie. Its inherently intimate nature as clothing worn next to the skin […]

    The Changing Face of Fashion Week

    FASHION WEEKS are, by their very nature, exclusive events designed for fashion industry insiders, including buyers, press, and other affiliated media people, to see the […]

    Defining Luxury: a Conversation with Amanda Triossi of Bulgari

    PROVENANCE, THE origins and history of a brand, is often easy to forget in the highly transient, mercurial realm of luxury and fashion where trends […]

    The Romance of the Super Car: A Brief Look at Pagani

      FEW LOVE affairs run as deep as that between a little boy and his cars. It is thus no surprise that behind one of […]